I think the last time I wore a skort I was like 8, and I actually hated them, but I stumbled across this pair at Music City Thrift awhile back and fell in love. It was missing a few buttons, but fit me perfectly! Well, on Friday I finally got around to replaces the buttons. I had forgotten I purchased a handful of vintage army coat ones at an antique store back when I vacationed in Okaboji. I rearranged the buttons that came on the skort so that the top two were open, and sewed on a pair of gold eagle buttons. I was still one button short so had to use one of the smaller silver ones I had. It’s got a little horse on it, kind of reminds me of a chess piece. I love how it turned out! Even though they made my butt look a lil funny (lolz) I was excited to wear them out in public last night!

(Also, be prepared for another post later today, on this mornings church attire. Sorry not sorry)

Black Leather Crop Top: F21

Nautical Buttoned Skort: Thrfited

Black Skinny Belt: Vintage, belonged to my grandmother

Gold Necklaces: Savant Vintage

Black Lace-up Boots: Thrifted

skort skort1 skort2 skort3 skort4 skort5 skort6 skort7 skort111 skort1111 skort11111


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