Cheetah Girl

Managed to get Memorial Day free from work, which meant hitting up Music City Thrift’s huge Memorial Day Sale. Everything was half off. EVERYTHING. So of course, the sister and I had to hit that up. Also hit up the mall for some makeup purchases. Spent $22 on a single lipstick. Better be the best freakin lipstick I’ve ever used in my life, which I have a strong suspicion it will be, since it’s by Kat Von D.

Today’s look incorporates some pretty cool pieces. For starters, I’ve been wanting to wear this cheetah print fur vest since I first thrifted it. Today was the day! Also, take note of my super cool leggings. There’s some netting action going on at the bottom.

Cheetah Fur Vest: Thrifted

Black Tank: F21

Leggings: Target

Boots: Thrifted

Multi-metal Chain Necklace: F21

Black Beads: Vintage, belonged to my grandmother



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