Flowers and Jalapeños

Recently went on a thrifting spree in search of some longer, high-waisted skirts for church. Found this one and was stoked to find it was just my size! (High fives.) Had a heck of a time deciding if I wanted to go with a black or white shirt for this morning’s get-up. My sister will confirm, as I repeatedly switched trying to decipher. (Don’t judge). Obviously, I chose the white, but next time the skirt is part of my outfit I will definitely be changing it up! Take note of my BA necklace. I’ve struggled with what exactly thee ornament is. Elephant tusk? Jalapeno pepper? Or maybe a carrot. I really don’t know. It was given to me by my grandmother when she was going through her closets (Yes, she has more than one) and handing over a bunch of her fashion stuff. I may get my love for fashion for her.

White Knit Blouse: H&M

Floral Skirt: Thrifted

Black Wedged Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Jalapeno Necklace: Vintage, belonged to my grandmother

Pearl/Chain Necklace: Thrifted

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